Feminist Jessica Valenti wants schools to stop sexualizing young girls, but also wants young girls to dress like hookers

Basically a bunch of young girls who like dressing like sluts are taking up the noble cause of feminism. A writer for The Guardian, Miss Jessica Valenti, writes that it’s horrible the way girls aren’t being allowed to show their butt cheeks in super short shorts or expose their cleavage. It is an underage girl’s choice to dress inappropriately at school, she argues.

Kind of weird how in her own book, she complains about schools sexualizing young women.

The high school girls of Tottenville high school call the school dress code sexist because 90% of the people being punished are female. Considering a large majority of the people being punished are punished because they wore short shorts, that seems pretty reasonable. When’s the last time you saw a boy wearing short shorts?

The school dress code applies to both girls and guys. It’s not the males’ fault they choose to adhere to the dress code while the girls decide they are above the law and rules.



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