Feminist Shanley Kane too stupid to take her own advice.

So basically the strong, independent woman that is Shanley Kane, who writes about how she is oppressed by the patriarchy and misogynistic men, decided to take to task the egalitarian feminist Christina Hoff Sommers.

Shanley’s problem with Christina is that Christina recognizes the hypocrisy, misandry, and stupidity of modern day feminism. Apparently if you rightfully criticize your own movement, in an effort to improve it, that’s seen as hating on women.

Shanley wanted to graciously educate the ignorant Christina Hoff Sommers and teach her that there’s nothing wrong with feminism and Christina needs to look at the horrible patriarchy that is enslaving them all.

Once Christina points out that Shanley’s own attitude seems to be the problem, instead of responding like a professional, mature, adult, Shanley becomes a raging, angry, violent feminist and starts swearing and verbally abusing and harassing Christina.

Christina stays calm and mentions Shanley just proved her point and like the petulant elementary school kid she is, Shanley makes an ad hominem personal attack on Christina’s appearance.

Isn’t feminism about raising women up and not attacking them, much less on their personal appearance?

Oh yeah, here Shanley and her friends mention how you shouldn’t get into arguments on twitter.

Hypocrisy again?

Or just a strong, smart, independent, beautiful feminist?


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